utorak, 20. srpnja 2010.

Of characters and weapons

Sooo, since I have to scrape the Gangrel from the previous post because I really hate the pose (I still plan to do the image, I just have to give it more love) this here is Gaelbhan, my DnD character. An elf ranger. Supposed to be true neutral.

Whenever I play DnD, I play an elf ranger named Gaelbhan. And this is the first time I've had a Gaelbhan who is really "me" so to say. So, here she is. Pissed off and armed with two Cadaran whips. Still no animal companion, but when she reaches the next level, she's getting a grouchy, mangy, evil hell-hound like stray. Have to think of a name for him...

"The cadaran whip was a whisper as it snaked out, the leather—studded with coin-sized, dagger-sharp, overlapping half-moon blades—flickering out in a gleaming arc that licked both men across their throats. Blood sprayed." ~ Steven Erikson - Malazan Book of the Fallen 7 - The Reaper's Gale

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