ponedjeljak, 24. lipnja 2013.

Cthulhu Youth

Finiiiisheeeeed! Funny, I believe this is the first one I actually consider done. Wow, took me only about ten years to get one done. ;)

subota, 22. lipnja 2013.


Heatwave is still on. On the one hand, it sucks, since I can't do digital stuff. On the other hand, it's awesome, because it makes me draw with PENCILS! Yaaaay! I've just re-watched  LOTR, so here's the unbelievably gorgeous Cate Blanchett as Galadriel.

Didn't do her justice since here eyes are bit on the smallish side, and her right eye is a biiit smaller than the other, but, as usual, I saw that after I uploaded it on the computer. :P

četvrtak, 20. lipnja 2013.


Don't you love it when there's a heatwave which makes your laptop processor die when you turn on Photoshop? Yumm!

Anyways, I'm melting, and I've realized I have no clue about neck muscles, and that necks on most of my characters are dislocated-ish. Anyways, here's some lame ass pencil practise. Meh.

utorak, 18. lipnja 2013.

Some WIPs

Well, time for some WIPs. First of all, there's a horrid movement in my country wanting to ban gay marriage by constitution. It involves a lot of catholic propaganda all over the place, and it just reminded me of religious sects and their way of promotion, so here's a WIP for Cthulhu Youth promotional poster (her right eye's a bit wonky, and her left shoulder is a bit out there, I'm fixing that). A lot of more tentacles to come. :)

The second one, oh boy. XD On the left, my first image done in Photoshop, cca year 2004. It has it all, lens flare, black background, incorrect anatomy shaded with burn and smudge tools, pure perfection. ;)
I've been wanting to redesign this horror for a while now, and here's a sketch, finally. :)

srijeda, 12. lipnja 2013.


Well, been listening to a lot of Jonsi lately, so here's a cheerful one. ;) I suck at hair. And drapery.