nedjelja, 27. listopada 2013.

More master studies...

So, I guess I have to do studies until I either start understanding colors or die. So, here are a life study, two photo environment studies and three master studies, Friedrich, Turner and Sargent.

srijeda, 16. listopada 2013.


First, some studies. Sargent and crappy environments:

Aaaaand, the long since coming, sorceress redesign. Decided to change the pose a bit from the first redisign plan, and I made it a bit more actiony. And no, "actiony" is not actually a word. ;)

subota, 5. listopada 2013.

More value studies

Continuing the value study week. Here are Bouguereau and a random photo study. I've thrown in some bad figure sketches as well, since I wanted to try out  Glen Vilppu's figure drawing technique. It's actually really helpful and awesome...

utorak, 1. listopada 2013.

Value studies

Here's something I needed to start doing a while ago. Studies. Lots and lots of 'em. Starting with value studies of Makovsky and Sargent, so here they are.

subota, 28. rujna 2013.

Malagard, the Hag Countess

Meanwhile, I've started a CHOW at CA. Here's the final image, I won't be posting it to the finals since she has no wings and doesn't fit the brief, but here she is nevertheless :)

nedjelja, 22. rujna 2013.

Some studies

After trying to do some of my own images recently, I've come to a conclusion that I can't really paint. Here's practice. Skin in cold environments and various lighting. So, Magneto, really unfinished boobies that I got bored with, and a portrait that is, for some reason, wrong, but I can't pinpoint why.

nedjelja, 15. rujna 2013.


Well, it's been surprisingly cold a few days ago. Freezing my ass off was kind of an inspiration to finish the sketch I've already posted, so here's the result :)

petak, 13. rujna 2013.

Some sketches

Some not so special stuff I managed to squeeze in next to my horrible schedule. I suck.

Plus, I hate the dress on the last WIP, I'll be changing that as soon as I get some time.

četvrtak, 29. kolovoza 2013.

Greebo, finished

"Greebo turned slowly, a faint, lazy smile on his scarred face. As a human, his nose was broken and a black patch covered his bad eye. But the other one glittered like the sins of angels, and his smile was a downfall of saints. Female ones, anyway. Greebo broadcast a kind of greasy, diabolic sexuality in the megawatt range. Just looking at him was enough to set dark wings fluttering in the crimson night."
Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

Well, here he is, at last. Human Greebo. I've never drawn something so sleazy in my life, and I've probably never had so much fun doing it. :)

srijeda, 21. kolovoza 2013.

Back home

Back from my trip. I had the most awesome time ever, but now it's real life time again. Here's a 2 hr warmup to get things started. I can't find the link to the original image, but I didn't do it justice, as usual.

ponedjeljak, 15. srpnja 2013.

No time...

Sooo, my huge-ass trip is coming soon, and I am too nervous and too busy to do some serious drawing, I guess. I started working on Greebo from Terry Pratchett's books (human form), I hope I'll manage to finish him before I leave, even though I'm not so sure. Here's the progress so far...

Also, here's a cca 2 hour practice from today. I can't believe I had to redraw the proportions three times. I'm getting too used to Photoshop for my own comfort. I need more pencil practice, I guess...

Reference by David Hilton.

srijeda, 10. srpnja 2013.

Gandalf sketch

Gandalf "quick sketch"? Does three hours count as quick? Not really? Ah well, anyways, here's Gandalf. :)

petak, 5. srpnja 2013.


Done for the latest Trinquette Weekly Challenge. Of course, I have no idea if it'll get accepted in the first place. I even have no idea if posting it before the challenge poster chooses which one he'll publish on his page breaks some kind of a challenge rule, but life's all about living on the edge. :P

Anyways, I have no idea if I'm happy with this or not. I'm happy with the fact that I didn't hide body parts, for once, but the feet, my god, the feet. Are. So. Awful.

Secondly, wow, I can't paint environments.

Thirdly, wow, I can't paint. The figure itself is OK-ish, I guess, but I think I messed up the reflected colors, half of the time I didn't even know what I was doing.

And I need to start using textured brushes and delete the I'll-just-click-and-have-a-perfect-ivy-over-there brush, this was crap.

Anyways, a learning experience, that's for sure.

ponedjeljak, 24. lipnja 2013.

Cthulhu Youth

Finiiiisheeeeed! Funny, I believe this is the first one I actually consider done. Wow, took me only about ten years to get one done. ;)

subota, 22. lipnja 2013.


Heatwave is still on. On the one hand, it sucks, since I can't do digital stuff. On the other hand, it's awesome, because it makes me draw with PENCILS! Yaaaay! I've just re-watched  LOTR, so here's the unbelievably gorgeous Cate Blanchett as Galadriel.

Didn't do her justice since here eyes are bit on the smallish side, and her right eye is a biiit smaller than the other, but, as usual, I saw that after I uploaded it on the computer. :P

četvrtak, 20. lipnja 2013.


Don't you love it when there's a heatwave which makes your laptop processor die when you turn on Photoshop? Yumm!

Anyways, I'm melting, and I've realized I have no clue about neck muscles, and that necks on most of my characters are dislocated-ish. Anyways, here's some lame ass pencil practise. Meh.

utorak, 18. lipnja 2013.

Some WIPs

Well, time for some WIPs. First of all, there's a horrid movement in my country wanting to ban gay marriage by constitution. It involves a lot of catholic propaganda all over the place, and it just reminded me of religious sects and their way of promotion, so here's a WIP for Cthulhu Youth promotional poster (her right eye's a bit wonky, and her left shoulder is a bit out there, I'm fixing that). A lot of more tentacles to come. :)

The second one, oh boy. XD On the left, my first image done in Photoshop, cca year 2004. It has it all, lens flare, black background, incorrect anatomy shaded with burn and smudge tools, pure perfection. ;)
I've been wanting to redesign this horror for a while now, and here's a sketch, finally. :)

srijeda, 12. lipnja 2013.


Well, been listening to a lot of Jonsi lately, so here's a cheerful one. ;) I suck at hair. And drapery.

srijeda, 29. svibnja 2013.

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Since work, life and stuff probably won't allow finishing Rapunzel, here's a 4 hr portrait of one of my two favourite writers, a Victorian Gothic author, J. S. Le Fanu.

nedjelja, 26. svibnja 2013.

Rapunkzel :)

Decided to take a shot at a CgHub challenge again. Disney princess redesign is this week's topic. I don't know if I'll manage to finish it, but here's my Rapunkzel sketch :)

utorak, 14. svibnja 2013.

Woah, it's been almost a year...

Anyways, without a long introduction, I found a life beyond work again and decided that I should start drawing. Again. Let's hope I stick to it this time. So here's a WIP with bg colors for a CgHub challenge, dr. Lovett. A paranormal investigator/ part time college professor. Cthulhu mythos is in question, hence the tentacles of doom (will add more tentacles of doom). Currently it looks like crap, but I hope I'll make it better. I hope.

Edit: progress...