četvrtak, 29. kolovoza 2013.

Greebo, finished

"Greebo turned slowly, a faint, lazy smile on his scarred face. As a human, his nose was broken and a black patch covered his bad eye. But the other one glittered like the sins of angels, and his smile was a downfall of saints. Female ones, anyway. Greebo broadcast a kind of greasy, diabolic sexuality in the megawatt range. Just looking at him was enough to set dark wings fluttering in the crimson night."
Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

Well, here he is, at last. Human Greebo. I've never drawn something so sleazy in my life, and I've probably never had so much fun doing it. :)

srijeda, 21. kolovoza 2013.

Back home

Back from my trip. I had the most awesome time ever, but now it's real life time again. Here's a 2 hr warmup to get things started. I can't find the link to the original image, but I didn't do it justice, as usual.