nedjelja, 27. listopada 2013.

More master studies...

So, I guess I have to do studies until I either start understanding colors or die. So, here are a life study, two photo environment studies and three master studies, Friedrich, Turner and Sargent.

srijeda, 16. listopada 2013.


First, some studies. Sargent and crappy environments:

Aaaaand, the long since coming, sorceress redesign. Decided to change the pose a bit from the first redisign plan, and I made it a bit more actiony. And no, "actiony" is not actually a word. ;)

subota, 5. listopada 2013.

More value studies

Continuing the value study week. Here are Bouguereau and a random photo study. I've thrown in some bad figure sketches as well, since I wanted to try out  Glen Vilppu's figure drawing technique. It's actually really helpful and awesome...

utorak, 1. listopada 2013.

Value studies

Here's something I needed to start doing a while ago. Studies. Lots and lots of 'em. Starting with value studies of Makovsky and Sargent, so here they are.