srijeda, 15. lipnja 2011.

A Ravnos and more practice

Some T-shirt work for European Championship Qualifier in V:TES. Her hair is everything but finished.

The rest is shading practice, hands, abs and boobs. ;)

ponedjeljak, 6. lipnja 2011.

srijeda, 1. lipnja 2011.

Sketch, sketch, practice, practice...

Oooh, I need an update. I suck, so here's some practice...

First of all, a gorgeous Swedish guy I found somewhere online and forgot to save where from. If you recognize yourself and I'm breaching copyright or something, let me know and I'll take it down.

And some hand studies and two figure studies...

And a color practice which should have turned out better but, as mentioned, I suck so it didn't...

And an Anubis head I drew for a friend.

subota, 5. ožujka 2011.


Another dark-and-gloomy one... I'm becoming boring with the ravens already :P

And now for some fun :)

četvrtak, 6. siječnja 2011.


Writing a paper can inspire you to do a lot of things save the writing. Thus, another self-portrait...