subota, 28. rujna 2013.

Malagard, the Hag Countess

Meanwhile, I've started a CHOW at CA. Here's the final image, I won't be posting it to the finals since she has no wings and doesn't fit the brief, but here she is nevertheless :)

nedjelja, 22. rujna 2013.

Some studies

After trying to do some of my own images recently, I've come to a conclusion that I can't really paint. Here's practice. Skin in cold environments and various lighting. So, Magneto, really unfinished boobies that I got bored with, and a portrait that is, for some reason, wrong, but I can't pinpoint why.

nedjelja, 15. rujna 2013.


Well, it's been surprisingly cold a few days ago. Freezing my ass off was kind of an inspiration to finish the sketch I've already posted, so here's the result :)

petak, 13. rujna 2013.

Some sketches

Some not so special stuff I managed to squeeze in next to my horrible schedule. I suck.

Plus, I hate the dress on the last WIP, I'll be changing that as soon as I get some time.