petak, 11. svibnja 2012.

Some new stuff...

Haven't done much drawing in the past year due to life being really hectic. To make up for that, I decided to give my blog a nifty makeover. Well, not that there's anything particularly nifty in choosing a new template, but I've also made a... Wait for it... A BANNER! XD

My first one, too. So, here's the bigger version of Boris Karloff (without the pencil) I've used for my banner, together with sketches of John Frusciante and Aaron Funk done for my friend Iva, webmistress of Invisible Movement, a John Frusciante webpage. Visit it, it's a pretty awesome page. :)

Oh, and also... I GOT A TATTOO! XD It's Huginn and Munnin, Odin's ravens, they're on my shoulderblades. Here's the sketch I took to my tattoo artist.