subota, 27. ožujka 2010.

On finishing what I've started...

I don't do that as much as I'm supposed to. When I pick up my sketchbook, whatever I draw is most likely going to stay a sketch. When I actually do finish something, it's usually for an online competition, never for myself. Well, I'm gonna try changing that. That and the fact that I rarely draw the full figure. And hands. Here's to starting, better late than never.

Two random sketches...

aaaand Siobhan. Or Deidre. My Vampire Dark Ages character, clan Gangrel. We're currently somewhere in Africa, the year is 200 AD. This is her flying trough the air (yeah, I should work on that too, heh) while getting her ass kicked, since I usually botch when I'm not supposed to. This is the one I'll try to finish, color and all.

nedjelja, 21. ožujka 2010.


Done, FINALLY. I've been doing this for the last nine hours, and that's only from WIP no. 2...

Also, I suck at drawing hands. And legs.

utorak, 16. ožujka 2010.

CHOWs and tattoos...

I'm really loving this new topic, and being that I haven't participated in a while, well, it's CHOW time :)
This week's topic is is "CA ink". Basically, design a character with at least 25% of the body covered in tattoos. Hope I left enough space on her heh...

Also, a friend asked me to design a tattoo for him, he wanted The Magician, the tarot card. He said he's happy with it. It will be really weird if someone actually tattoos my drawing on his body. Kinda awesome too :)

ponedjeljak, 15. ožujka 2010.

Portraits, continued :)

Two recent ones... Since I've been listening to them almost non-stop lately, it seemed only fair that I draw them :) Here are two extremely talented people, Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling:


I love portraits. There is just something about faces, the shapes and sizes of the eyes, mouths and noses, foreheads and chins. All that combined with scars, wrinkles, lazy eyes and other small imperfections that everyone has gives one a large palette of drawing reference. Also, the feeling you get when someone actually recognizes who the person you drew actually is, now that's pretty awesome ;)

So, portraits of various people, mostly the ones I can find good reference of :)

True Blood

A Darth Vader self portrait? Heh, I really like Star Wars...

The amazing Ian Anderson

How does this blog thing work again?

Well, here it is. It was about time too, since I've been planning to make a sketch blog for about two years. As for the blog design, not much for now but bear with me, I'm new at this.

Time for some pictures then, I guess :)

For starters, a few oldies done for the weekly competition called Character of the Week :) Not really sketches but not really finished either I guess... :)