subota, 27. ožujka 2010.

On finishing what I've started...

I don't do that as much as I'm supposed to. When I pick up my sketchbook, whatever I draw is most likely going to stay a sketch. When I actually do finish something, it's usually for an online competition, never for myself. Well, I'm gonna try changing that. That and the fact that I rarely draw the full figure. And hands. Here's to starting, better late than never.

Two random sketches...

aaaand Siobhan. Or Deidre. My Vampire Dark Ages character, clan Gangrel. We're currently somewhere in Africa, the year is 200 AD. This is her flying trough the air (yeah, I should work on that too, heh) while getting her ass kicked, since I usually botch when I'm not supposed to. This is the one I'll try to finish, color and all.

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