srijeda, 1. siječnja 2014.

New Year time!

Anyways, haven't posted in a while, mostly because I've decided not to update with only one picture at the time, since no one actually reads this stuff :)

So, here's a bunch of blah things plus day one of a 100 day still life challenge I entered.

nedjelja, 27. listopada 2013.

More master studies...

So, I guess I have to do studies until I either start understanding colors or die. So, here are a life study, two photo environment studies and three master studies, Friedrich, Turner and Sargent.

srijeda, 16. listopada 2013.


First, some studies. Sargent and crappy environments:

Aaaaand, the long since coming, sorceress redesign. Decided to change the pose a bit from the first redisign plan, and I made it a bit more actiony. And no, "actiony" is not actually a word. ;)

subota, 5. listopada 2013.

More value studies

Continuing the value study week. Here are Bouguereau and a random photo study. I've thrown in some bad figure sketches as well, since I wanted to try out  Glen Vilppu's figure drawing technique. It's actually really helpful and awesome...

utorak, 1. listopada 2013.

Value studies

Here's something I needed to start doing a while ago. Studies. Lots and lots of 'em. Starting with value studies of Makovsky and Sargent, so here they are.

subota, 28. rujna 2013.

Malagard, the Hag Countess

Meanwhile, I've started a CHOW at CA. Here's the final image, I won't be posting it to the finals since she has no wings and doesn't fit the brief, but here she is nevertheless :)

nedjelja, 22. rujna 2013.

Some studies

After trying to do some of my own images recently, I've come to a conclusion that I can't really paint. Here's practice. Skin in cold environments and various lighting. So, Magneto, really unfinished boobies that I got bored with, and a portrait that is, for some reason, wrong, but I can't pinpoint why.